A Capricious Fellow

The Mundane Misadventures of Atom G.

This Is Not Important
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60s dance moves, adam green, air-playing-instruments, art, astrology, b-horror films, b-horror movies, bats, being human, being irrational, black eye-n-bloody noses, bright colours, brix were shat, bruises, candid photography, children's books, coffins, conspiracy theories, crazy shapes, dancing, david bowie, drawing, drawing on bananas, drawing on fruit, dream interpretation, dreams, fairy tales, fanfic, fighting, forgotten polaroids, funkadelic, graffiti, halloween, harry potter, it crowd, it's a trap!, jim parsons, large animals, living, lost civilizations, making no sense, mashed potato time, miss holly's setlist, monty python, moptops, murder mystery, music, mystery, mythology, nah that ain't me, not making sense, ohshi-!, old rhythm and blues, penny bjorkland, perversion, photography, porkchop sandwiches, productive anger, proper-fucking-rock-and-roll, psychedelia, psychology, reconstructing victorian/edwardian art, recycling, replying at odd hours, rhymes, run, sado-masochism-in-a-not-sexual-way, screaming jay hawkins, screaming lord sutch, sheldon cooper, shoes, small animals, small rodents, songs about heartbreak, sonic sisterhood, telling rude jokes, the 60s, the big bang theory, the gruesomes, the horrors, the mighty boosh, the monks, the shangri-las, thinking, turtles, vampires, victorian bitches, werewolves, writing, writing rather badly, your crazy's showing

I was losing a button, I was coming apart.